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Beyond the goal: TGISC® produces crucial competitive advantages.

We solve our clients’ challenges in their markets.

Reaching goals. Identifying new goals. And both.

For three decades THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC®,  has been an achiever of goals. And has proven it. Quite often it would be better to say "overachiever of goals". We actually show which measures and combinations thereof are required to achieve specific goals. Often a purposeful synthesis of steps determines the success. In the early years of our group, clients defined the goals; nowadays the intentions and tasks often come from identifying change processes which will befall the markets and thus our customers, at a future point. This ensures crucial competitive advantages. Innovations in which TGISC® is specialized often play a key role but aren’t always or necessarily product innovations. Sometimes they can also be e.g. innovations in distribution or in the pricing strategy. But competitive advantages are always created, and we will gladly be measured by them. (Learn more under: performance-based fee .)

We specialize in innovations proven in practice.


What does that mean?

Proof from practice is like a medal awarded to our strategic work. And as we all know, there are two sides to medals. On one side: using our LiveResearch® program we review the innovation for your customer before it’s brought to market. That’s our first practical proof. 


This reduces the flop rate to zero.


The other side of the medal: while most consultants avoid of practical accountability like the plague once the strategy has been formulated, we stay on board and prove the success our innovation in practice.


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