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Simone Thomsen | Head of Corporate Development (CVO Chief Visionary Officer)


Simone Thomsen is an international strategy consultant (CVO Chief Visionary Officer). With a master’s degree in economics and an MBA, she serves on the board of the THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants Estd. 1984, in short TGISC®. 


Simone Thomsen completed her studies in economics and business administration with graduation with honors. 


Together with the present economic activity-boss Prof. Dr. Kai Carstensen from the Munich IFO-Insitute, which is used by the government for economic forecasts and is famous for the ifo-business climate index, she dealt with quantitative economics analyses et al. at the institute for statistics and econometrics. 


While at the market leader for controlling software with focus on the energy supply sector, her activities included performing case studies, establishing customer projects, supporting marketing activities, and finally, implementing the market-leading software at the client site. 


Under the aegis of the president and CEO, she then moved to the headquarters of Deutsche Nickel America, Inc., a subsidiary of the global market leader in nickel materials and storage, specializing in the processing of materials for the new century, with activities that include coin production. Ms. Thomsen initially worked in the accounting and then in the marketing department before moving to the controlling department in Illinois. 


Today, Simone Thomsen is Head of Corporate Development for TGISC®. The TGISC® is the first group that stands for whole, market-strategic, top management consulting. It has its headquarters in Hamburg and boasts a network spanning an additional twenty countries. 


After thirty years of success, the internationally operating TGISC® is global market leader: no competitor in the world offers a comparable symbiosis of market research, futurology and management consultation consistently implanted in the innowait system*. TGISC® specializes in market innovations. It creates solutions for the future, which immediately guarantee the clients market leadership, attractive ROIs and considerable value. By way of the worldwide unrivalled innowait system, TGISC® determines how people will live in 2050. 

And what the clients‘ customers expect of it today. TGISC® therefore creates product designs, price strategies and distribution solutions. This system is even being taught at universities. 


Incidentally, renowned institutions such as the EBS University of Business and Law and Stanford University rank TGISC® among the top "future-oriented" consultants. 


Simone Thomsen also consults with select international TGISC® clients. Her consulting focus includes strategies for product development, sales solutions and human capital strategies, with a special emphasis on pricing strategies. 


For example, after cooperating on the overall strategy development for the Rheinmetall Corporation in Düsseldorf since mid-2005, Simone Thomsen stepped in with her real estate expertise to provide additional consulting services in a leadership role. In October 2006, the “city-within-the-city” strategy, which anticipates and realizes long-term societal change, was presented to the public with a great deal of publicity. By 2008, the strategy had already been almost completely made into reality: Today, the “Entrepreneur City” is a model of success. 


In 2006, Simone Thomsen was appointed to the commission tasked with selecting the recipients of the Scholarship for Exceptional Talent in the Federal Republic of Germany, offered under the patronage of the German Federal President, Dr. Horst Köhler. 


Simone Thomsen is proof that the same strategies for success in business also bring success in sports. Both are competitions requiring motivation, discipline, and strategy. And both aim for peak performance on an individual level. These strategies fueled her rise in sports (tennis), in this case to the German Bundesliga. Simone Thomsen is a long-time member of renowned German tennis clubs; her memberships include the Großflottbeker Tennis, Hockey, and Golf Club in Hamburg and the Rochusclub in Düsseldorf. Again, Mrs. Thomsen didn’t limit herself to success on the court, but chose instead to handle press relations as well as run camps in other countries. Finally, in 1999 and 2000, she was entrusted with responsibility for the Spanish team during the tennis world championships. 


Since 2007, she has lent her support to a charitable endowment. The organization is a donation fund for children, which, in the last reporting year received charitable donations of more than 4.6 million euros, with assets of 19.2 million euros. 


Simone Thomsen is married and has one son and one daughter. She has lived in Germany (Düsseldorf), the USA (Providence, Rhode Island and St. Charles, Illinois), and Spain (Salamanca). She now resides in Germany (Hamburg). She speaks German, Spanish, and English. In her free time, she enjoys literature, international travel, and sports, especially tennis.


*** The Innovation system innowait at a glance:
The future research identifies first and foremost the FutureAssets® that will move the clients in 2050.
Then the verifying LiveResearch® finds out what is already fascinating today.
Finally, the implementation program 5PAmplify® will present everything that is of decisive importance for the market success of this innovation. From the perfect price to efficient sales.


Simone Thomsen can be contacted via +49 40 66 90 90 80 or infoat)thomsen.de.


Call now: +49 40 66 90 90 80
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