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Our performance-based fee.

You merely pay 40%.

Those with nothing to lose never give 100%.

Based on this fee plan – in which THOMSEN GROUP International Strategy Consultants, in short TGISC® takes a significant risk – we select our clients very carefully. (For example we declined a lucrative European assignment because we weren’t convinced of its success.) After all we see our clients' long-term successes to be extremely important, including from a business perspective. Much more so than short-term fee revenue. Based on this belief we offer a fee system which allows us to bear up to 60% of the risk.


We’re gauged by the success of our service. And that incorporates an enthusiasm guarantee. Yes, our assignments fascinate us no matter what. But this also guarantees to you that our dedication will always stay above average. The idea is simple: in the beginning we pass and benefit (only) from success. And preferably extremely well. And our clients see it the same way. Because when we profit they do so many times more. Learn more here:

Our success due diligence.

Before we start we always makes sure the cooperation is reasonable. But our due diligence, provided free of charge, not only protects us but especially also you. From bad investments. Here our endorsement fee (see below) would amount to just a minimal amount. But if afterwards we’re not convinced of the chances of success we will be upfront about it. After all we will take a huge business risk. If we’re convinced you will receive our management reader.

Our management reader.

Here you will have it all in black and white. Our point of view of the assignment just as relevant examples of our success review which are comparable or contain important learnings. But also what we presented so far: well documented. And of course it also contains our specific offer. This includes three different detail levels. For example on how many people we interview on how many topics. And with all other parameters you will also have the choice between different modules, always with little, moderate or high detail. It all depends on how soon after you want to start. We base the actual cost on these precalculations. And depending on whether you’re ready to share your subsequent success with us we will significantly reduce your expenditures.

Our endorsement fee.

Depending on the amount of the agreed success fee (as detailed in the next item) our so-called endorsement fee is (merely) 40% of the actual cost, meaning we take an up to 60% business risk. This puts our actual cost significantly higher than the endorsement fee. But to us this is a basis for fair give and take. We want to earn our fee in a fair way.

Our success fee.

This is measured by a simple rule. Together we will define the limit of the success you wouldn’t put past yourself even without any help from TGISC®: which value could be achieved – simply according to your own assessment and with (other) professional partners but without the strategic service of TGISC®? That’s our limit. Our success rate will only record the amounts beyond this limit. For example 80% for you, 20% for us, of course only based on the amount above the previously mentioned regardless-limit. This is how we created significant value for our clients over the past 30 years. And profited. Quite often very well. Which our clients value since they profit in multiples. You see: we take a significant business risk, proving our conviction of the success of the respective assignment (which makes it so important for us to review whether the assignment, client and ultimately also TGISC® are a good match. But this was already covered under the first item.)

Prefer to pass on the success fee?

Even if you decide against a success fee we offer an endorsement fee of for example only 80% of the actual cost. The idea behind it: first we undertake preparatory efforts. If you’re convinced you will reward us with a long-term cooperation. After all we do want to prove the success of our work in practice!

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