Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC Das Karriere-Portal der TGISC

When your company value skyrockets thanks to competitive advantages, it is often because of people who keep their feet firmly on the ground. More about our heads.





„Fly me to the moon …“


The commercial way into space.


The race to reach dominance in commercial space flight is picking up speed.


Branson, Bezos, Musk, 

Bigalow. These four 


are squaring up…


Welcome to the Matrix!


Will our future be virtual?


Virtual and Augmented Reality. The "Next Big Thing" is stepping into our lives with gigantic paces.


2016 will be the year

of virtual and augmented

reality and will change

our lives.


„Who says so, is

uttering garbage.“


The industry’s most important magazine reports about TGISC®.


Five hours conversation with the editorial staff.


About crystal ball ado, salary and volume distribution. And not solely about one of the industries being part of THOMSEN GROUP’s consulting expertise.


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